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Wybo is a sociologist and PhD/DPhil student at the Oxford Internet Institute.

He studies online social behaviour. Especially: How social media affect protest movements such as the Arab Spring and Occupy Wallstreet. More...

Also: MSc in Social Science of the Internet, MA in Digital Humanities (distinction), 3 BAs (firsts/cum laude) in History, Philosophy of Information Science and Information Science

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Automatically Extracting Typical Syntactic Differences from Corpora

We develop an aggregate measure of syntactic difference for automatically finding common syntactic differences between collections of text.

With the use of this measure, it is possible to mine for differences between, for example, the English of learners and natives, or between related dialects.

It enables us to find not only absence or presence, but also under- and overuse of specific constructs and allows for testing hypotheses for statistical significance.

Our earlier publications on it are: crude version of the method, testing it, applying it, and applying it a second time.