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Wybo is a sociologist and PhD/DPhil student at the Oxford Internet Institute.

He studies online social behaviour. Especially: How social media affect protest movements such as the Arab Spring and Occupy Wallstreet. More...

Also: MSc in Social Science of the Internet, MA in Digital Humanities (distinction), 3 BAs (firsts/cum laude) in History, Philosophy of Information Science and Information Science

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Philosophy Beyond the Paper

This paper sets out to show that philosophy has much to gain from the web, and argues that it will inexorably go beyond on-line journals, and the distribution of .pdf files.

The failure of historical attempts at making the web work for philosophy are investigated and explained. LogiLogi, a prototype of a philosophical discussion platform, is then introduced. It is different from forums and wikis and tries to overcome their limitations by aiming for an informal middle-road between good conversations and journal-papers and by providing a form of quick, informal publication, peer-review, and annotation of short philosophical texts.

The paper concludes with a tentative analysis of what philosophy on the web should be like, and how LogiLogi is tailored to such a conception of philosophy.