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Wybo is a sociologist and PhD/DPhil student at the Oxford Internet Institute.

He studies online social behaviour. Especially: How social media affect protest movements such as the Arab Spring and Occupy Wallstreet. More...

Also: MSc in Social Science of the Internet, MA in Digital Humanities (distinction), 3 BAs (firsts/cum laude) in History, Philosophy of Information Science and Information Science

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A Global Advisory Parliament Integrated with the Social Web:

Why it Would Improve Legislative Functioning, and How it Could Attain Critical Mass

Eventhough they were unable to attain a permanent voice, the reach of Occupy and similar movements showed that there is a democratic deficit within Western democracies.

The feasibility of introducing an advisory on-line parliament based on Transitive Delegative Democracy (TDD) is examined in this paper. TDD is different from direct democracy in that people can opt to delegate their vote (as can delegates). This caters to ‘lazy’ voters, while increased voting weight adds incentives for delegates to vote.

Integrating a TDD app with an online social network such as Facebook, and having it replicate the agenda of national parliaments, increasing its recommendations relevance to news-media, could help it attain critical mass.